Global Health Freedom Summit

September 30th

Join the Global Health Freedom Summit for uncensored updates, trusted voices, and legal protection against medical mandates.

At the Global Health Freedom Summit, this year’s mission is clear: to empower you with uncensored updates from trusted names and discover new, vital front-line voices. We’re dedicated to delivering the unvarnished truth and the best insights from the health freedom movement!

Join our very own GreenMedInfo Founder, Sayer Ji and Dr Joel Bohemier, DC. on September 30.

Autoimmune Answers

Happening Now

One of the hardest parts of suffering from an autoimmune disease is that most doctors DO NOT UNDERSTAND what you’re going through.

They either brush you off or misdiagnose you.

After interviewing more than 30 world-class experts, Jonathan Otto knows these natural medicine, life-saving tools are all gathered inside his brand-new docuseries, Autoimmune Answers, HAPPENING NOW!

Food Matters

October 2-17

James and Laurentine from the Food Matters Institute are excited to be sharing 7 Masterclasses total in this series, including 3 never seen before at Learn How to Reduce Pain & Inflammation, Heal Autoimmune Conditions, Balance Your Weight, and Live Better for Longer.

In this Masterclass, you will learn about the relationship between pain and inflammation, how blood sugar and adrenals play a role in inflammation, and the top lifestyle changes you can make if you struggle with chronic inflammation. 

We hope you will join us for this exciting, informative, and life-changing series, airing October 2-17.

Thyroid and Adrenal Health Docuclass

Starting October 3

If you’re suffering with “unexplainable” symptoms…

Everything from chronic fatigue, headaches, hair loss, and constipation…

To anxiety, depression, irregular heartbeats, or hormonal imbalances …

You could be one of the estimated 200 MILLION people who have thyroid disease and adrenal dysfunction.

Don’t miss the Thyroid and Adrenal Health Docu-Class where everything you need to know about how to overcome thyroid disease and adrenal dysfunction will be revealed, starting October 3.

Toxins Exposed Webinar


Dr Dana Flavin and Nathan Crane come together to discuss the hidden toxins that are silently destroying your health. HAPPENING NOW.

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