Comfort Your Body and Soul with Warm Epsom Salt Baths
Sayer Ji
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Comfort Your Body and Soul with Warm Epsom Salt Baths
Sayer Ji
Sayer Ji recommends hot baths and epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) for pain relief and self care
  • Baths remind our bodies of the womb or the ocean
  • Create a feeling of safety for your body to relieve pain
  • Magnesium is essential for many bodily functions

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  • All of you and your teachings are resonating deeply with my quest for healing. Definitely on this path. So Grateful for this master class week.

  • Why bother to advertise this series if we can´t watch it? Maybe you could replay it again for those of us who see the black screen.

    • Hi Debora, we apologize if you had difficulty viewing the masterclass. Please stay tuned for information on a replay. Have a lovely day!

  • When I click on presentation I can only see a black screen. It has been this was everyday since they started on Monday.

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