Strategies to Live Pain Free
Dr. Eric Berg
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Strategies to Live Pain Free
Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Eric Berg shares a broad spectrum of pain prevention and relief topics from biomechanics to diet.

  • What is referred pain and how does it affect you?
  • How to support your digestion and gut health
  • Learn the strategy for do it yourself pain relief

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  • Thank you for your presentations! I’ve been on my healing journey since 2016, keeping off 45 pounds and getting off of ALL drugs. After paying for a Holistic Integrative Dr and her group for the last 7 months, I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme, heavy metal exposures, high cortisol/adrenal imbalances, and now the last deep dive stool tests revealed SIBO/IBS. I had to stop my eating protocols for the other 3 ailments and now I’m on a low FODMAP diet to clear up this leaky gut disbiosis. I couldn’t find TUDKA but I just started OX bile. Will that work just as well, Dr. Berg?

    • Hello Suzanne! Dr. Berg is not able to comment directly but please keep watching for more information from our upcoming Expert Presenters!

  • Love these presentations. Very well done and informative. 3 a day are too many to digest. It would be great if they were slowed down.

    • Thank you for the compliment Cilla! You can purchase the masterclass to access to all 25 Expert Presentations at your pace HERE

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