Doctor Yourself and C Your Pain Disappear
Dr. Andrew Saul
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Doctor Yourself and C Your Pain Disappear
Dr. Andrew Saul

Dr. Andrew Saul provides a fascinating history of the efficacy of Vitamin C and other nutrients.

  • How high dose nutrition therapy affects pain
  • Is ascorbic acid beneficial?
  • How to determine beneficial dosages
  • The power of vegetable juicing

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  • Thank you, this is great! Re juicing, does it have to be just the juice or can it be the entire vegetable blended?

    • Hi Danielle! You may need to unmute the video. The unmute icon is located at the bottom left of the video screen.

  • WOW…….sounds impossible but also sounds like you have alot of proof that it works!! I’ll try it for my chronic pain…..not really very bad but is uncomfortable.

  • Very interesting. I have had RSD since being diagnosed in 2002 after a bad fall where my hand was pushed up onto my wrist. I was allergic to somedrugs or unable to function on them so have taken nothing for years but will certainly try the suggestions,Thanks

  • I believe all of what is being said. I have treated myself for so many things. I take no pharm except occasional Tylenol and ibuprofen when needed and I would love to get rid of them!
    I am looking at changing my diet as stated before. I am playing around with a few things now.
    Have not taken an antibiotic since 1991 and no vaccines for almost 10 years!
    I am going to play with some Vit C and try tumeric again for my chronic pain and injuries.
    Thanks for all the great info

  • Outstanding! Many of these suggestions are what I have been using since a cancer diagnosis 5 years ago. And I’m still here! These videos are excellent.

    • Hi Cilla, thank you so much for your support. We’re happy to hear that this is resonating with you and you’ve been practicing some of these protocols mentioned. Continue to watch as there’s a lot more information coming in the next few days.

      Have a lovely day!

  • Wonderful information from Dr Andrew Saul about Vitamin C. My brother has chronic pain/fibromyalgia/thermostatic instability and a variety of other issues. I will buy him some good quality vitamin C and let him know that it may help his joint pain. THANK YOU!

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