LOVE: The Secret Inspiration for REGENERATE

The inspiration for the Regenerate Project, Masterclass and Book, came through my relationship with a very special person by the name of Kelly Brogan. From REGENERATE:

This book is dedicated to Kelly Brogan, my beloved wife and partner, who, like a Force of Nature, turned my life upside down and inside out the moment I knew she existed. The alchemical crucible of our immense love inspired in me the courage to face and move beyond my deeply held fears, perceived limitations, and stories, and tap into the unlimited potential for physical and spiritual regeneration which I now know is buried deep within us all as a birthright.

We celebrated our union in marriage on Nov 09, 2019, and it is commemorated below:

If you are inspired and want to regenerate your life, I hope my book and masterclass will empower you to do exactly that!

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