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Sayer Ji: What I Am (And Not) Doing for Covid-19

[Note of caution: None of what is written here is intended to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease; this information describes what I am doing personally, and my personal beliefs about health, and therefore should not be substituted or taken for medical advice.]

I’ve received a wide range of questions about what I am personally doing during this global crisis. I detail what I am doing below. First, in full disclosure, a few of the links below are affiliate, which means a portion of the sales produce commissions which will go back into keeping alive and well. Thanks in advance!

Second, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the hundreds of comments I received following my live broadcast on March 22, 2020. 

Despite the ongoing crisis and stress, I was just in awe at how many of you had a full enough cup to share warmth, words of support, and encouragement with myself and each other. It deepens my appreciation for how truly connected we all are, at a time of ubiquitous and mandated isolation, and how despite what appears at times to be a heartless agenda of control and misinformation that has descended upon our planet as a whole, many of you out there are already doing such an incredible job of transforming it and staying positive. No doubt, you are all sources of light helping to anchor others in their times of need.  

Before I get right into sharing the things I am doing to cultivate my own resilience, I would like to qualify what I am about to say by affirming that, for me, it is no longer possible to uncritically accept the basic tenets of classical germ theory in light of the discoveries of the new biology. I discuss my views in depth on GreenMedInfo and in my upcoming book REGENERATE.  

In classical germ theory, simple exposure to an infectious agent is believed to be the primary or even singular cause of infection.  In this outdated view, the immune status of the individual is irrelevant in determining whether or not you become infected. Furthermore, within the belief system of modern-day vaccinology, vaccination is believed to be equivalent to bona fide immunity, while disregarding the body’s ability to build natural immunity. 

Instead, I have adopted a broader view of the multifactorial nature of disease causation and susceptibility, which includes environmental factors, lifestyle factors, stress levels, nutrition, and the overall health status of the individual. 

The Microbiome vs. Germ Theory

At the turn of the 21st century, the discovery of the human microbiome revealed that viruses are not only indispensable for our health (constituting the so-called human virome), but have also been essential in creating our biological form. Approximately 11% of our DNA is retroviral in origin, with viral sequences enabling the creation of the mammalian placenta and the relatively massive size and neuroplasticity of our unique brains. Moreover, the microvesicles produced by all our cells (also known as exosomes), and the cells of all living things, are fundamentally viral-like in nature. Conversely, viruses, including HIV, influenza, and coronavirus, are exosome-like. The similarity between viruses and exosomes is so profound that they are, in fact, often biologically indistinguishable. Even if we define influenza, for instance, as hijacked exosomes, the reality is that all viruses — defined as obligate intracellular parasites — are incapable of replicating on their own (one might wonder how we attribute such inexorable lethality and transmissibility to them if they are inert without us).  And what are viruses? Pieces of genetic information in search of cells, i.e., they are a horizontal means of communication within individuals, between individuals, and even between species. We can go deeper down this rabbit hole in a future post, but it is important to understand that even the man behind classical germ theory, Robert Koch, had difficulty finding cases where all 4 of his postulates necessary to scientifically confirm a microorganism can be the singular cause of a specific disease were fulfilled. To learn more on the topic, read my article: Why Everything You Learned About Viruses is WRONG. You might also peek into my recent conversation with Dr. Thomas Cowan, also the author of a new book on the New Biology, where we discuss another way of understanding so-called “germs.” And finally, you can learn more from the work of my wife, Kelly Brogan, MD by reading Fear is the Sickness. She is helping to get the word out about New German Medicine, a biospiritual perspective on why we get sick that turns classical germ theory on its head. 

Testing and Scientific Methodologies 

There are over one hundred different strains of coronavirus that naturally occur in human populations.  Seven of these coronaviruses are known to contribute to the common cold (and we must question whether they are really “causes” or “bystanders”).  Many other strains of respiratory viruses and bacteria are characterized by symptoms identical to those currently attributed to COVID-19. Proper testing is required to confirm whether these symptoms correlate to the presence of COVID-19 or some other pathogen. It is likely that worldwide media reports tallying up the numbers of “confirmed cases” of COVID-19 are inaccurate. In part, this is due to the high false-positive rate (one study found it as high as 57%). However, the fundamental issue at stake is that under classical germ theory tenets, in order to prove that COVID-19 is the singular agent responsible for a worldwide pandemic, basic scientific criteria and methodologies need to be followed. This did not occur. Read David Crowe’s article on the topic, or the video testimony of Dr. Wodarg to learn more about this. Here is another excellent video discussion on the problem with the numbers being reported by official sources. The implications of this are profound, from a geopolitical and psychological operations perspective, as well as concerns over the diminishment of our civil liberties

Resilience Strategies

Our bodies are designed to be naturally resilient. I want to share with you some of the practices I employ to support my immune system, but this is not meant to magnify the misperception that we are all under mortal threat from the “invisible enemy” of COVID-19. I find this concept to be as dangerous as the microbial threat itself.  Rather, if we truly appreciate and work with the natural resilience of our bodies, we have the potential to survive and thrive through life’s many manifestations of adversity. As always, I encourage and support you in doing what is right for you. You should have the choice to get tested accurately, or self-quarantine, or take whatever pharmaceutical or vaccine you believe is going to help you and your family. My own strategy to maintain health, balance, and well-being during this time includes the following: 

1. Keep Calm. This may be the tallest order of all, but it is perhaps the most important. The moment I feel the fear awaken inside me, I take a breath, back away from the source (mentally, if not physically), and regain my composure. I recognize all is well. And I must thank my wife, Kelly Brogan, for continued guidance on how to accomplish this. Take a look at her video: How To Dispel Fear, or join her community, Vital Life Project, if you want additional support. How else do I keep calm? There are a wide range of methods I employ, from taking magnesium glycinate (200 mg a day, usually at night), CBD oil, to making sure I do not consume caffeine-containing substances after noon. I also limit my exposure to media, as well as blue light at night (although I can tell you how difficult that is in this moment when we are all getting our updates from within our homes via these devices). There are also wonderful flower remedies to employ. I’m a huge fan of Katie Hess’s work and her incredible selection of emotional/bioenergetically balancing formulas. You can listen to our recent podcast on the topic here, or learn about her work and products on her website. I’m also a huge fan of Bach’s rescue remedy flower remedy. In times of stress — especially unexpected emergencies — it can act as an immediate balm to the nervous system. I also wake up, each day, before going on my device and sit for 15 minutes. Just sitting. Letting whatever comes up, come up, without attaching to the stories or feelings. Just letting them be. This helps to process things, and helps me to access feelings, thoughts, and fears that are often deeply buried and need time to surface. The next step is so important to the self-regulation of my autonomic nervous system, that it deserves its own number….

2. Get Exercise. This is also known as intentional movement. Obviously, in this trying time, where we are being asked or required to stay at home, one might need to get creative about how to access this essential balm to the body and soul. Consider that there are very basic practices that are literally medicine. Coach Hamad Shirazi and I put together a series of regenerative fitness practices for the Regenerate Masterclass that some of you already own. If you want to access these, you can also visit Hamad’s instagram page to take a look at them. The best techniques, in my opinion, include one leg standing pose, bridge pose, cobra pose, and going on a walk. These basic actions are transformed into a powerful means of resetting your entire nervous system when done with intention, breath, and awareness. Also, add in the use of a lacrosse ball (or other ball) for your feet (you stand on it and roll your feel back and forth, for 10 minutes or longer), and it’s like a full-blown reflexology session that you get credit for administering yourself! 

3. EMF Exposure. As discussed by Dr. Tom Cowan in my recent conversation with him, higher frequency wavelengths associated with the 5G rollout are likely causing increased damage to our water-based physiology. This, in turn, is causing the cell to secrete debris (including RNAs that are possibly causing false-positive results for COVID-19). EMF exposure, therefore, may be one of the primary reasons why people are getting sick.  Instead, “the virus” is being given full blame for something that is multifactorial in origin, which is true for virtually all disease. And so, it’s important to focus on making your house healthier, starting with reducing EMF exposure. I’m actually writing this now from an Airbnb, and the first thing I did upon checking in was to look for where the Smart Meter is located (so I can stay as far away from it as possible), and where the wi-fi station is, so I can remember to unplug it if I am not using it. The best situation, if you own your own home or are renting and have the ability to work with your landlord to make it a safe space, is to opt-out of the smart meter and get it replaced with an old-school analog meter. Also, there is the Sinetamer transient and surge protection device that will protect your whole house from emitting high-frequency transients (dirty electricity) and helps solve one of the root-cause level problems with the power grid and the way houses are wired today. The device is an investment I feel well worth making as, in some cases, it can cut your electricity bills by up to 30% or more over the lifetime of the device, it will pay for itself several times over. Obviously, in these times investing in this sort of technology may be out of reach, so the best strategy may be mitigation. I would use a meter like the Safe-and-Sound to assess where the main EMF hotspots are in your house and make sure to avoid those. Something as simple as moving your bed from a hot outlet a few feet can go a long way to reducing your ongoing exposure. 

4. Food As Medicine. For over a decade, I have been accumulating research on foods and spices with incredible healing properties. For those who are concerned, for instance, with opportunistic infections (aren’t they all?), there are time-tested, science-backed favorites I have highlighted in various articles. But first of all, for those specifically interested in research on natural substances that have been studied for coronavirus, here is an article we wrote on the topic: Studies find Natural Treatments for Coronavirus

5. Vitamin C. This is probably the most well-researched intervention with the highest safety profile of anything we’ve seen in the medical literature. I interviewed Dr. Andrew Saul on this topic recently. He reports on the Shanghai government’s success in using intravenous treatments for coronavirus. Probably the best alternative to intravenous vitamin C therapy (when it comes to absorption) is liposomal vitamin C. Purathrive is the company I use, but I’m also a huge advocate of getting vitamin C in culinary forms and dosages. As a back up, I use Vani Hari’s Immuno-C in tablet form. As a whole food supplement, it delivers both the ascorbic acid and the information in a way that I believe is ideal for my body’s needs. I want to emphasis that for everyday preventive/nutritional support nothing compares to whole-food sourced vitamin C — some of the reasons for that are detailed here. Here are some of my other favorites for general immune support: 5 Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life. I’m also a big fan of Black Seed Oil for reasons I document in Black Seed – ‘The Remedy for Everything but Death’

6. Probiotics. I love this category of life-sustaining and enhancing micro-organisms. These “germs” are essential for our health, and particularly one’s immune function. Yes, that’s right, your immunity requires “germs” –  and the best way to get them is actually from fruits and vegetables grown in healthy soil. This is why obtaining organically grown — better yet, biodynamically grown — food is essential. When we are unable to get these essential “bugs” from food, taking a supplement form or probiotics is also advisable. I sometimes use Bio-K to tonify my system with high doses of Lactobacillus (I prefer the fermented soy version), and I sometimes use a probiotic from manufacturers like Garden of Life, who maintain cold temperatures in their shipping of the product to the stores (which ensures they were not killed in the process of transport). But probably one of the best ways to support your probiotic requirements is to consume fermented food. Kimchi, natto, sauerkraut, and kombucha are some of my favorites. Remember: pro-biotic means pro-life, and this is part of the New Biology revolution. We’re beginning to understand, intimately, that we need microbiota more than we should fear it. Remember, also, these strains are substrated upon the foods we consume. If we eat the standard Western diet of GMO-based, factory-farmed, highly processed and chemicalized faux foods, we will end up supporting the very types of bacteria that can cause trouble. But it’s not their fault! Stop feeding these harmful bacteria the substances they thrive on, and there you have your “cure” for opportunistic infection with “pathogens.” 

7. Give Yourself A Break. Tapping into your deep sources of resiliency can be as simple as letting your body rest, and trying the apple reset mono-diet described in Part 4 of my book REGENERATE. The point is not to deprive yourself of anything, but rather, give your body a break and nourish your body and life with a radical simplification. This could be as simple as skipping a mindless daily meal like breakfast once a week, eating an apple instead. This perfect food, if you will, has everything you could ever want to truly satisfy your hunger. Instead of a fast, you aren’t depriving yourself of anything. The idea is to clear your mind, body, and day of the fixation on food acquisition, preparation, consumption, and cleaning. It can be an endless task, taking up vast psychological resources and real estate. Try it for a meal, or even a day. You may be surprised by how much energy you have and how your body responds with a kind of autophagy that clears the old, used up tissue and debris, helping to enhance detoxification and regeneration. Radical simplification, and giving yourself the ability to truly feel the cosmic sources of energy that radiate through your body on a moment to moment basis, may be the greatest gift of all in this practice. And if you are ever hungry, eat another apple. If you weren’t really hungry, you probably wouldn’t eat another one. It’s a simple formula. I hope you like the results! 

Focus on the Positive

There are so many additional ways you can hack this situation to optimize things. It is really an opportunity to become creative. One thing I have noticed in my area here in Miami, is since this “self-quarantining” began, there are a massive number of people outside walking. I just love seeing this. It shows that people are finding ways to move their bodies and connect, even though there are so many reasons not to right now. I think something as simple as going outside more, in these times, can be a radical act of self-reclamation and an assertion that you are not afraid of the elements that nourish us so deeply. Or, that we understand that intentional movement, grounding, breathing in the fresh air, and connecting with others, is the best way to support immunity. I hope this has helped, and I look forward to continuing to share what it is I am doing to navigate through this crisis, turning it into an opportunity to touch a deeper place of resiliency within myself and others. 

Sending you and yours love and light. 

Sayer Ji

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