Dr. Andrew Saul and Sayer Ji discuss Vitamin C, Coronavirus, and Censorship

Dive deep into the discussion around vitamin C and its use in China to support immunity. Why has the US been censoring the information?

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Sayer Ji: What I Am (And Not) Doing for Covid-19

[Note of caution: None of what is written here is intended to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease; this information describes what I am doing personally, and my personal beliefs about health, and therefore should not be substituted or taken for medical advice.] I’ve received a wide range of questions about what I am … Read more

LOVE: The Secret Inspiration for REGENERATE

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Broccoli Can Stimulate Brain Regeneration, New Research Suggests

This article was originally posted and copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2019, and is reposted here with permission. For decades it was believed that brain regeneration was not possible. But an accumulating body of research now reveals that common foods such as broccoli contain compounds capable of stimulating the repair and renewal of nerve tissue Ever … Read more